April 16, 2015

Tactical non-Communication Center (TCC)

Recently SDC command staff has informed the union that it intends to end the detail assignments of Border Patrol Agents to the TCC. This will no longer be a detail and will be a daily assignment.

This came about after several attempts by the union to ensure agents working at TCC would be treated fairly and equitably. This was not the case. Agents were not allowed to work the overtime as was promised and were being subjected to disparate treatment.

I want to also mention that our bargaining unit members in TCC (LECA’s) are working under poor conditions and we will be working to improve that.

This is a management problem. They do not have enough LECA’s and are unwilling to do what it takes to fully staff that position and or improve the current working conditions of the LECA’s

The union would like for our agents to know the facts before they volunteer for TCC details.

If you volunteer for a TCC detail:

1. You are not guaranteed to be given overtime hours. The agency knows they cannot guarantee OT and that is why we have insisted on the clause that says if agents are not allowed to work overtime they can terminate their detail.
2. There are no SBPA’s assigned to TCC therefore you will be supervised by a Supervisory Law Enforcement Communication Assistant (SLECA).
3. The working conditions in the TCC have historically been poor and have gotten worse.
4. All contract violations should be brought to the immediate attention of the union.

The union continues to fight against these duties being conducted at the station level and for more specialized training.

We will also continue to aggressively fight for the rights of all bargaining unit employees working in TCC. If you have any questions, comments or complaints email mbayon@nbpc1613.org.

April 14, 2015

Border Patrol Class 135 Reunion May 12, 2015


On May 12, 1980, forty–four individuals from across the United States from different backgrounds, different cities, and different nationalities gathered in locations such as Laredo, Marfa and El Paso, Texas and El Centro and San Diego, California.  At the time, they were unaware of the impact meeting one another would have on them. Three days later these groups boarded planes and flew east-final destination-Glynco, GA. Once there, these groups joined together for training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, commonly known as FLETC, and formed the 135th Session of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy. Like all new agents, they came together, some a little hesitant; frightened or worried about the jobs and the families they left behind to venture into a new career. For four months these individuals trained together, worked together, drank together, and they began to know one another. By the end of their four month training session, graduation day arrived, but they did not graduate as individuals, they graduated as ONE. The 135th developed a special bond, a bond that has lasted 35 years. They graduated as ONE, as in one FAMILY. They refer to themselves as HERMANOS, Brothers. Granted, not all of the 135th graduated and those who did, not all of them kept in contact with the class, but they have been able to keep in touch with a good number of their hermanos over the years. Some of them went on to different agencies and some chose to stay with the green, but they made the effort to stay in touch no matter where they went. They managed to remain in touch with one another even before email, Skype, Twitter or Facebook. Some of you reading this were merely babies, heck, some weren't even born when the 135th came together. After all these years, throughout their careers and into retirement, they stayed in touch.

On May 12, 2010 Los Hermanos of the 135th celebrated their 30 year anniversary with a reunion at The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, NV. They ate, they drank, they joked, and they reminisced. It was a good reunion, no they had a GREAT REUNION, enjoyed by all. You may have heard of Border Patrol classes who had some get togethers but do you know of any class who has had reunions for their 20th, 25th and 30th anniversaries? And in between they have had mini-reunions or get togethers in Laughlin, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. And want to know why their reunions are great, what makes them so special? Because they are together again, as ONE!

Their family is all inclusive. Decisions for their reunions, their get togethers includes the wives. Their suggestions, their ideas are just as important as those of the classmates. During the planning of one reunion, a cruise ship reunion was mentioned, but when it became known that a few of the wives had a fear of being on the ocean, that suggestion went no further. Their reunions are for everyone to enjoy, as a family.

On May 12, 2015 the 135th Session of the U.S. Border Patrol will be celebrating their 35th anniversary with a reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada. This reunion will be even better than their previous reunions. Along with some invited guests, their class was able to contact four of their academy instructors, and all four have accepted their invitation to attend. They are Alvin (Butch) EVENSON-Law Instructor, Clark RICHARDS-Law Instructor, Ron CARNES-Law Instructor and Allen DWELLEY-PT Instructor.

When entering the Patrol they are told that the Border Patrol is a family, that they all wear green and that they take care of their own.  We can't speak for the many other Border Patrol classes, whether their academy was at Glynco, Charleston, or Artesia, but the 135th is a prime example of the song that states, "We are Family". Through all of the changes in their careers, and their lives, the one thing that hasn't changed is the friendship, the comradery and that special bond the 135th formed 35 years ago on May 12, 1980.

End of Watch: 
SPA Miguel MALDONADO, Port Isabel, TX - Died on Duty 03/10/1997 
SPA Richard PIERCE retired - RIP 02/03/2013 cancer
SBPA Jeffrey A. HAMRIN retired - RIP 02/21/2015 cancer 

Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.
Know the line has held, your job is done

If you are a family member or member of class 135 and would like more information email Arturo “Turi” Payan at sincanicas@msn.com.

April 7, 2015

NBPC Local 1613 Monthly Membership Meeting Tuesday April 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Where:  Crowne Plaza Hotel
              2270 Hotel Cir North

              San Diego, CA 92108
When:   Tuesday April 14, 2015
              7:00 p.m.

    • Investigative Committee
    • Health and Safety
    • Legislative
    • Media
    • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness Program
    • K-9 
    • TCC
    • AUO and OT Transition Plan
    • ROB and VRP's
    • NBPC Election
    • Lobbying
    • Compassionate Transfers 
    • Military Leave 
    • Media/ Legislative Policy
    • Social media (New Facebook page)
    • Training (Schedule)
    • Retiree membership
    • Picnic
    • Joint Projects 

All dues paying bargaining unit members are encouraged to attend.   

March 24, 2015

The Voluntary Relocation Program (VRP) Is Open

Click HERE to visit USAJOBS

Department: Department Of Homeland Security
Agency: Customs and Border Protection
Job Announcement Number: MHCBPVRP-1301040-SLH
$34,513.00 to $79,936.00 / Per Year
Monday, March 23, 2015 to Friday, April 10, 2015
Full Time - Permanent

Many vacancies in the following locations:
Ajo, AZ 
Bisbee, AZ 
Douglas, AZ 
Nogales, AZ 
Sonoita, AZ 
Tucson, AZ 
Wellton, AZ 
Willcox, AZ 
El Cajon, CA 
Pine Valley, CA 
Jacksonville, FL 
Orlando, FL 
Calais, ME 
Fort Fairfield, ME 
Jackman, ME 
Detroit, MI 
Gibraltar, MI 
Marysville, MI 
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 
Havre, MT 
Malta, MT 
Plentywood, MT 
Saint Mary, MT 
Scobey, MT 
Bottineau, ND 
Portal, ND 
Lordsburg, NM 
Champlain, NY 
Massena, NY 
Ogdensburg, NY 
Tonawanda, NY 
Watertown, NY 
Port Clinton, OH 
Alpine, TX 
Big Bend National Park, TX 
Brackettville, TX 
Carrizo Springs, TX 
Comstock, TX 
Cotulla, TX 
Del Rio, TX 
Eagle Pass, TX 
Marfa, TX 
Presidio, TX 
Sanderson, TX 
Sierra Blanca, TX 
Uvalde, TX 
Van Horn, TX 
Newport, VT 
Richford, VT 
Swanton, VT 
Blaine, WA 
Curlew, WA 
Sumas, WA 

March 20, 2015

NBPC Local 1613 Facebook Page Relaunch

Local 1613 members,
We have relaunched our Facebook page.  The page can be found at: 


Please like and share our page as we rebuild our subscriber base.  This will be a primary source of information dissemination. We have a lot of crucial issues facing us as a union.  Stay informed with the latest information.

NBPC Local 1613 President Terry Shigg has posted a special video message.  


The Union has been notified by OBP HQ's that the Overtime Transition Plan will not be implemented and AUO will remain the compensation method for agents who are currently earning AUO. The AWS will not be implemented for those employees earning AUO; however, FLSA-exempt agents, and those agents not earning AUO and who are currently earning FEPA due to sector assignments, will be scheduled overtime in accordance to the election selected (level 1, level 2 and basic).

OBP is also encouraging sectors to transition to the 6a, 2p, 10p schedules, unless operational flexibilities prevent such a change.

More information will be put out as it becomes available.

March 18, 2015

The Border is Not Secure

I want to be crystal clear - the border is not secure. That is not just my opinion or the position of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). Ask any line Agent in the field and he or she will tell you that at best we apprehend 35-40% of the illegal immigrants attempting to cross. This number is even lower for drug smugglers who are much more adept at eluding capture. How can this enormous gap exist between what the DHS tells you here in Washington and what our Agents know to be the truth in the field? Frankly, it is how you manipulate the statistics and let me give you one example. A key metric in determining our effectiveness is what is known as the “got aways”. If we know from footprints or video surveillance that 20 individuals crossed the border and we ultimately catch 10 of them, then we know that 10 “got away.”

Agents who repeatedly report groups larger than 20 face retribution. Management will either take them out of the field and assign them to processing detainees at the station or assign them to a fixed position in low volume areas as punishment. Needless to say Agents got the message and now stay below this 20 person threshold no matter the actual size of the group.

The above statements are excerpts from the testimony of NBPC by Union Representative Chris Cabrera before the Homeland Security Government Affairs Committee on March 17, 2015.

To read the fully transcript click the link below,

Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee (HSGAC) hearing testimony